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Transitory Endocrine And Metabolic Disorders Specific To Newborn

(P70) Transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism specific to newborn
(P70.0) Syndrome of infant of mother with gestational diabetes
(P70.1) Syndrome of infant of a diabetic mother
(P70.2) Neonatal diabetes mellitus
(P70.3) Iatrogenic neonatal hypoglycemia
(P70.4) Other neonatal hypoglycemia
(P70.8) Other transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn
(P70.9) Transitory disorder of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn, unspecified
(P71) Transitory neonatal disorders of calcium and magnesium metabolism
(P71.0) Cow's milk hypocalcemia in newborn
(P71.1) Other neonatal hypocalcemia
(P71.2) Neonatal hypomagnesemia
(P71.3) Neonatal tetany without calcium or magnesium deficiency
(P71.4) Transitory neonatal hypoparathyroidism
(P71.8) Other transitory neonatal disorders of calcium and magnesium metabolism
(P71.9) Transitory neonatal disorder of calcium and magnesium metabolism, unspecified
(P72) Other transitory neonatal endocrine disorders
(P72.0) Neonatal goiter, not elsewhere classified
(P72.1) Transitory neonatal hyperthyroidism
(P72.2) Other transitory neonatal disorders of thyroid function, not elsewhere classified
(P72.8) Other specified transitory neonatal endocrine disorders
(P72.9) Transitory neonatal endocrine disorder, unspecified
(P74) Other transitory neonatal electrolyte and metabolic disturbances