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Overweight, Obesity And Other Hyperalimentation

(E65) Localized adiposity
(E66) Overweight and obesity
(E66.0) Obesity due to excess calories
(E66.01) Morbid (severe) obesity due to excess calories
(E66.09) Other obesity due to excess calories
(E66.1) Drug-induced obesity
(E66.2) Morbid (severe) obesity with alveolar hypoventilation
(E66.3) Overweight
(E66.8) Other obesity
(E66.9) Obesity, unspecified
(E67) Other hyperalimentation
(E67.0) Hypervitaminosis A
(E67.1) Hypercarotinemia
(E67.2) Megavitamin-B6 syndrome
(E67.3) Hypervitaminosis D
(E67.8) Other specified hyperalimentation
(E68) Sequelae of hyperalimentation