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6 Life Benefits of Yoga

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6 Major Life Benefits of Yoga:

We've all heard of Yoga, but have we all done it? It can actually be a very intense and beneficial work out, especially if done every day. Yoga is also for everyone! From young children, to expecting mothers, to the elderly, yoga can be done and everyone can enjoy these 6 benefits:

1. Pain is gone!

Have lower back pain from work or sore legs from working out in the yard? Yoga helps relieve the tension by all the full body stretching it provides. Plus, it improves posture and strengthens back muscles.

2. More Sleep

We all could use a little mores zzzz's in our life, but sometimes life, stress, and relationships can get in the way! Doing poses for 45 minutes 3 times a week can help you feel more relaxed, making it easier to calm down and go to sleep.

3. Hotter Sex Life

Any exercise can help keep things sizzling in the bedroom. However, doing yoga taps into your senses keeping your body aware and more flexible. Yoga also promotes hormones that produce sexual arousal. Sign us up!

4. Body Confidence! (oh yes!)

Researchers suggest that women doing Yoga over aerobics rated their body confidence almost 20% higher than those doing aerobics. This may be because yoga makes you tune into your body and senses, which in turn might make you appreciate yourself more (hey every little bit helps!).

5. Full Body Toning

Using your body weight with every pose and position, sometimes even your full body weight, is a great strength training exercise. You will be feeling tighter and firmer with each session.

6. Stress Reliever

Focusing on what is happening inside as opposed to your surroundings helps get you to a very calm state of mind. Those that practice yoga at least 2 times a week report lower stress levels than those who don't.

*Caution: Yoga can be difficult and might require a lot of energy. Book an Appointment to see if this is a safe exercise for you.