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Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes


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Best Foods for Diabetes:

Good Carbohydrates

In your body, starch (complex carbs) and sugar (simple carbs) are broken down into the blood glucose levels during digestion. Fruits are a great food group for a diabetic. Some of the better fruits for your body include grapefruit, prunes, and apples. Vegetables are another excellent food group for the body.

The best vegetables to incorporate in your daily diet are:

-          broccoli

-          carrots

-          squash

-          any dark leafy greens

-          and other low-starch veggies

Grains are another food group that is good for the body, but you have to make sure you are eating good grains. The grain that packs the most nutrition is quinoa, but you can also try brown rice or whole wheat kernels. Another very healthy food group includes beans and nuts. Some of the better beans for your body are kidney beans, chick peas, black beans, and soy beans. Some of the healthiest nuts include almonds and walnuts. These are high in protein and are very nutritious.


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High Fiber Foods

High fiber is important in your daily diet and can decrease your risk of heart disease while keeping your blood sugar levels controlled. Some good examples of high fiber foods include fruits, nuts, beans, peas, whole wheat flour, oatmeal and cereal.


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Fish is heart healthy and packed with omega-3 fatty acids which naturally lower your blood fat (triglycerides). You should try to incorporate fish into your diet about 2-3 times a week. Some examples of heart healthy fish to eat are salmon, tuna, blue fish, and mackerel.


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Healthy Fats

 Yes, there are healthy fats that should be a part of your daily diet! It is important to know that there are good and bad fats, and the difference between the two. Some examples of good fats are foods like avocados, pecans, olives, walnuts, and peanut, olive, and canola oil. Just be mindful that these foods are higher in calories and should be eaten sparingly.


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Worst Foods for Diabetes:

High Sodium

The safe amount of sodium per day for a diabetic is (1500-2300) mg per day. Less is more, sodium build up over time can be very damaging to the body.


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Trans Fat

 Food such as processed snacks, baked goods, and margarine sticks, Say no to all of these! Trans-fat is one of the worst items you can put into your body.


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Saturated Fats

 This includes the lower quality foods like hot dogs and bacon. If you eat these foods you should try and consume no more than 7% of your calories per day.


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 This Includes foods with high-fat dairy like egg yolks, shellfish, liver, etc. You should not have over 300 mg of these foods in your daily diet.

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