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How to Identify a Deer Tick to Prevent Lyme Disease

deer tick

1.) Remove From the Body:

If you are bitten by a deer tick, you must remove it from the body immediately to avoid its spread of Lyme disease. Use tweezers to gently pinch and pull the tick until it falls off. You can also light a match until it is very hot, blow it out, and immediately press it against the tick’s body (The tick should fall right off). Never use your hands, or you are more at risk of contracting its diseases.

2.) Put the Tick into a Jar or Vile:

Examine the features of the tick. It should first have eight legs and you will notice that it will crawl around the jar rather than jumping or flying.

3.) Notice the Shape of its Body:

Deer ticks have a flattened body in the shape of a tear drop. Most adult deer ticks are about 3.5 centimeters large.

4.) Notice the Color of its Body:

The adult males are dark brown in color whereas the females have a black body with a red abdomen. Use the provided photo above to compare and contrast if needed.