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EZDoctor Eliminates Doctor Listing Fees

EZDoctor, the innovative leader in online medical appointment booking, announced today it is permanently eliminating fees required from doctors to be listed on its site, greatly increasing the integrity of its online physician information while offering the public more balanced physician referrals.

"It's imperative when choosing a doctor, whether for your own health or the health of a child, spouse or other loved one, to know that you've chosen the provider from a site hosting honest, accurate, and unbiased information and referrals," said David Marsidi, the CEO of EZDoctor. "With the Affordable Care Act, there are more consumers than ever making decisions about their families' healthcare and primary physicians. People can't risk making a wrong decision about who to entrust their healthcare to, but it's very difficult when opinions and reviews are influenced by the doctors who are paying to be listed. We feel that by removing fees from the equation EZDoctor will remove any conflicts of interest that paid listings present, and increase the integrity of the online physician information and physician referrals provided."

EZDoctor site visitors can enter their city, location or zip code to find listings of doctors in the area. They may also search by a doctor's specialty and accepted insurances. In addition to the listings, visitors can read through a variety of unedited comments left from previous and current patients about doctors and determine which doctor is the best choice for them. The integrity of similar sites' listings is influenced by the monthly fees they require of the doctors to be listed, often more than $300 per month.

In addition to searching doctor listings and reading patients' comments, EZDoctor also provides medical data highlighting fees typically charged by the listed doctors, as well as the average charge for a new patient visit. Currently, pricing for 400,000 doctors nationwide is available, with 480,000 additional doctors to be added soon.

Visitors to the site can also peruse an expanded procedure fee schedule, and compare state averages for the same procedure by the same type of specialist. With doctor-sponsored fees no longer required, and the comprehensive fee data it offers free to visitors, EZDoctor is easily consumers' most trusted health care industries online resource.

"As a physician I have a choice as to which site I prefer being associated with, and without a doubt it is," said Dr. Moshe Yalon, an Ophthalmologist in Hallandale Beach, Florida. "I'm much more willing to be aligned with EZDoctor's platform which relies solely on the actual experiences of patients. Not only do accurate and unbiased opinions matter to my patients, it will also matter to potential patients who typically learn from word-of-mouth about a doctor's reputation."

By cutting fees, EZDoctor also enables doctors to redirect those funds to add more benefits that improve the patient's office visit experience.

"By eliminating fees for doctors to be listed on, it's another step we're taking to providing transparency in the healthcare marketplace, benefitting consumers and doctors alike," added David Marsidi.

About EZDoctor

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, EZDoctor was created by a team of doctors, software engineers, and entrepreneurs with the goal of improving the healthcare system. Bringing together their expertise in healthcare, software development and business, their mission is to radically transform the healthcare industry by connecting people with the best doctors and equipping them with accurate information to make informed decisions.