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EZDoctor Enables and Empowers Consumers to Comparison Shop for Medical Services

EZDoctor, the medical appointment booking site, has taken another step forward in its mission to improve healthcare in America. The site now includes individual doctors' pricing data for specific services alongside state averages for the same services. At last count, EZDoctor had pricing data for nearly 1 million doctors across the country.

By providing a new level of transparency in the healthcare marketplace, consumers will be able to make more informed decisions and avoid sticker shock. Historically, pricing information for office visits and specific medical procedures has been notoriously difficult to unearth. Meanwhile, recent healthcare legislation has significantly expanded EZDoctor's potential user base.

A Rand study published in April 2014 showed that tens of millions more people now have access to healthcare, thanks in large part to the Affordable Care Act. For many of these new healthcare consumers, the cost of care will still be a significant factor in determining whether to see a doctor. That's where the benefits of EZDoctor really shine through. Consumers can see prices for services before their appointment rather than waiting anxiously for the bill to arrive in the mail. Fitting healthcare expenses into a family budget is less burdensome when these expenses can be accurately predicted.

EZDoctor understands that time is arguably just as important as money; the site's appointment booking features saves users from waiting on hold or playing phone tag just to schedule a routine visit. Users click the "Request Appointment" button and then fill in the pertinent details. Next, an EZDoctor representative takes care of the legwork and contacts the user to confirm the appointment. This service is provided completely free of charge to both the doctor and patient.

EZDoctor's pricing information is drawn from publicly available data at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department for Health and Human Services. However, the site makes this information much easier to find than ever before. The development team behind EZDoctor includes medical doctors, who continually help to assemble and present what can sometimes be dense, difficult information in a clear, concise and easily digestible format.

About EZDoctor

EZDoctor was created by a team of doctors, software executives and entrepreneurs purposed with improving our healthcare system. Bringing together our expertise in healthcare, software development and business, we've set out to radically transform the healthcare industry by connecting people with the best doctors and equipping them with accurate information to make informed decisions. Simply put, our goal is to make your healthcare decisions fast, easy, and educated. We value honesty, integrity and hard work, knowing that these traits are paramount to providing unparalleled service and value to our clients, ourselves and our stakeholders.