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EZDoctor Launches EZDoctor Reports; Background Checks for Doctors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- EZDoctor ( is on a mission to make choosing the right healthcare provider as straightforward and transparent as booking a flight or hotel. The company's latest innovation, EZDoctor Reports (, provides the most exhaustive physician background reporting of its kind available to consumers, pulling together relevant data and reviews from the entire web.

"Patients should have the right to research the individual who will provide their healthcare. These decisions directly affect their health and quality of life," remarked David Marsidi, CEO of EZDoctor. "We asked ourselves, if we can use CarFax to research a used car, why can't we find this information on our Doctors? This level of detail has never before been available in a single location in such an easy-to-read format."

The purpose of EZDoctor Reports is to reveal previously hidden or difficult-to-find information as part of helping consumers make better choices, along with reviews from every leading doctor review site. The reports are designed to be easily understood, however, they're still detailed enough for hospitals and clinics to use them as part of their vetting process for new hires.

EZDoctor Reports are delivered as a multi-page PDF document. The first page includes the physician's general identifying information, medical specialties, education and licensing. Subsequent pages feature pricing data for the most typical procedures presented alongside state averages for the same procedures. Price, of course, is just one factor in choosing a doctor – reputation as a medical provider is arguably more important. This is why EZDoctor aggregates an up-to-the-minute summary of each doctor's online reputation, reviews and ratings in each report.

Malpractice reports and disciplinary actions are a key facet of EZDoctor Reports. A summary page presents a quick overview of key data, such as if and how many suits have been brought against the doctor and their resulting outcome. It's a fact that nearly two-thirds of all doctors will be sued at least once in their career, so the mere existence of malpractice claims isn't very indicative of the quality of a doctor. That's why EZDoctor Reports strive to include outcomes including settlement information. Besides the extensive background on malpractice suits, EZDoctor Reports also lists any disciplinary actions or criminal offenses. Malpractice information is currently available for Florida, New York, New Jersey, Oregon and Massachusetts, with more states added each week.

Transparency, information and integrity are the core values of EZDoctor, and the new reports system affirms those values. Healthcare consumers can now learn as much about their doctor as they would about a home or car they're considering buying. For life and death decisions, this kind of transparency only makes sense.

Anyone can visit and search for a physician by location, specialty or name; EZDoctor Reports are available for a flat fee of $19.95.

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EZDoctor was created by a team of doctors, software executives and entrepreneurs purposed with improving our healthcare system. Bringing together our expertise in healthcare, software development and business, we've set out to radically transform the healthcare industry by connecting people with the best doctors and equipping them with accurate information to make informed decisions. Simply put, our goal is to make your healthcare decisions fast, easy and educated. We value honesty, integrity and hard work, knowing that these traits are paramount to providing unparalleled service and value to our clients, ourselves and our stakeholders.

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