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Frequently Asked Questions is here to connect you with great doctors, dentists, and other health care providers, book appointments on-line (sometimes even Same Day appointments), and even get you in sooner with forms available for download from your doctor. Our service is 100% free and is accessible 24/7 via tablets, phones, or laptops.
Go to EZDOCTOR's Doctor Search and find a doctor near you!
Doctors can be listed by entering search criteria including Doctor Specialty, Doctor Last Name, City or Zip Code, Insurance Carrier and/or Date of Available Appointment.
100% Free! EZDOCTOR wants to help make finding the right health care for you easy and simple and we think it should be free. Please understand that our services are not related to any costs you may encounter while visiting the doctor, such as insurance copays. We encourage you to check with your insurance company or health care provider to see how much those visits will cost.
This should be discussed directly with your insurance company or health care provider. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding the cost of your medical care.
While EZDOCTOR is still expanding into many new states and cities you, as a patient, are still able to Request an Appointment with a doctor in your area. If you do not see an open appointment list next to the doctor's name simply click on Request an Appointment, fill out the information, request, and let EZDOCTOR take care of the rest. You will usually be able to make an appointment with that doctor.
Not yet. We are currently expanding out services and helping patients in the United States. We do hope to make EZDOCTOR available to everyone in the future.
No. EZDOCTOR is solely here to help great patients find great doctors quickly and conveniently.
If you do not see an open appointment list next to the doctor's name simply click on Request an Appointment, fill out the information, request, and let EZDOCTOR take care of the rest. You will usually be able to make an appointment with that doctor.
That is ok! You can still use the "Request an Appointment"" feature by his or her name and EZDOCTOR will let your doctor know what time and day you want to see them.
Not yet, but Coming Soon! We will let all patients know once we have launched our EZDOCTOR app.
EZDOCTOR uses SMS/Email reminders to help remind patients of their appointments. These are also filled with all the necessary information about your doctor, appointment and GPS enabled directions to help you arrive on time.
EZDOCTOR allows users to search and find same day appointments, when available. Go to Doctor Search and fill out the necessary information, click search, and you will be able to see all the doctor's available schedules. However if you are seriously injured or need immediate medical attention please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
EZDOCTOR uses real patient reviews as well as aggregate from multiple review sources, such as Yelp, to give you the best and most recent reviews.
Login by entering your email address and password you signed up with. If you are a new patient, Register as a Patient. It’s FREE! (Claim Your Doctor Profile, put in your name and location and follow the steps to claim your profile).
No worries, just sign in to you EZDOCTOR Account to change or cancel your scheduled appointments. Please be aware that canceling, rescheduling, or missing too many appointments will lead to your account being put on hold. We do this to ensure that both patients and doctors receive the best service we can offer as well as keeping the doctors' calendar accurate for the other patients who depend on them.
Yes. Sign in to your EZDOCTOR Account and click on Past Appointments.
Yes. We use bank level encryption for the data transmitted. All of our employees are Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) trained and fully compliant.
Just go to the homepage, and start by selecting the criteria you wish to search by, including specialty, zip code and/or insurance and click the ‘Search’ button to see all the doctors that may fit your needs. From there you will be able to view doctors' available appointment times, their information, and social pages. Once you have found the right doctor, just click on an appointment time that’s right for you and follow the instructions. Done!
You should only choose a doctor that is right for your particular needs. After selecting the needed specialty you can then look at their biography, social media links, and websites to get the most accurate information when picking the right one for you.
Find doctors that accept your insurance by going to the search page and then choose your insurance from the list. If you also enter your zip code you will then be able to see all the doctors near you that accept your insurance.
Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what doctor to go see. If you are unsure, just select the one that best matches your reason for needing a doctor visit. Leave the doctor a more personal note when booking and they will let you know if they can help you or not.
Yes. Just make sure your doctor has the Download Forms button available on their profile. From there you can fill them out and print them or email them directly to your doctor. No more waiting!
After you have clicked on the time and day you want the doctor will be notified immediately. Once the doctor has confirmed the appointment you will receive an email with the confirmation.
It's rare, but sometimes a doctor has an emergency. At this time the doctor will notify you as soon as possible to help you reschedule or give you other options.
EZDOCTOR was created so you don't have to book appointments over the phone anymore. We're continuing to make on-line booking easy, fast, and at your convince. If you do, however, have difficulties you can call us at (888) 262-7187 and we will be more than happy to help you with your on-line booking process.
Once you book your appointment on-line EZDOCTOR will send you an information with the phone number and all other doctor appointment information.