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Kidney Stones Connected to Heart Disease in Women?


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According to new and multiple studies, women who have had kidney stones are at an increased risk for developing heart disease or other cardiac issues. However, the factor does not seem to apply to men and researchers cannot figure out why. It is t

hought to be because of the hormonal differences between men and women. But researchers could never really pin point the specifics behind women developing these issues. The statistics still remain however, that after numerous amounts of testing between men and women nearly thousands of women who had experienced kidney stones ended up developing cardiac issues.

kidney stones

In the meantime, take prev
entative cautions to avoid getting kidney stones by:

  • Making sure you drink plenty of fluids daily, especially water.
  • Maintain a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables.
  • Limit certain foods from your diet pertaining to high amounts of salt and animal protein.
  • Exercise regularly keeping a speedy metabolism and a strong endurance.
  • Choose a diet that is low in saturated fats, salt, and animal protein.
  • Continue to get calcium out of your diet, but be cautious with additional supplements.

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